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Coal Township High School Class of 1964
Coal Township, PA 17866


Pictures sent in by Classmates
Click Picture to enlarge


Bruce Choplick's 2008 Cross Country Trip to California
and visit with Tina (Sutsko) Kelly

Well here I am again,but alive after all. As some of you heard, I went for a bike ride from Delaware to California and back and had a slight mishap in Montana.  Hit a deer at 60 mph and lived to tell about it. 

    But anyway, I'm alive and sore after spending 3 days in a hospital at Billings MT, had to load the bike onto a truck to return to Delaware.

     Had a wonderful time stopping at Bill Kerstetter's place in Monteagle TN for a short visit and forgot to take a picture as it was raining that day, went on to Graceland to make sure Elvis was there (I thought I saw him at Rehobeth Beach DE the week before), but as we were riding through Death Valley CA I thought about Tina living in CA and didn't have her address or phone number with me, so I called Tom Gallagher, and he hooked me up. To make a long story short, I called, I visited, I took a picture.

I'm still breathing and looking to have my bike repaired to plan a long trip for next year, and yes, the only problem with being retired is; you never get a day off.

Click Photo for full size picture of Bruce & Tina

Bruce Choplick sent this picture of
Seated, L to R, Becky (English) Leiter, Diane (Greco) Kerstetter, &
Doris (Olley) Ziemba.
Standing, L to R,  Fred Troutman, Bruce Choplick, Sam Weaver.


Bruce Choplick sent this picture of the  CTHS Alumni Banquet at Lazarskis Banquet Hall in Mt Carmel, Pa. May 29 2004
Seated L to R, Doris (Olley} Ziemba,  Diane {Greco} Kerstetter, Becky (English) Leiter,  Sally (Shingara) Shovlin.
Standing L to R, Ruth Ann (Troutman) Dreher,  Fred Troutman, David Derrick,  Anita (Dobson) Shaffer,  Marty Rutkowski, Sam Weaver,  Bruce Choplick.


Joyce Persing Reynolds is pictured center in the grey Jacket. Standing on her right is her husband Lou.


Roberta Humes Cramp with her husband Barry

Roberta Humes Cramp with her daughter Karyn


Great Pics of Coal Township Area
Link compliments of Anita Shaffer

If you have any pictures you would like to share with your
  classmates, please e-mail them to me at: Webmaster .
 We would like to include them on this page

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